(CORT) Crime Observation & Reporting Training - Class Outline

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This non-confrontational program is designed to instruct you in the methods of accurately identifying, documenting and reporting natural resource crimes.  WDFW Officers need quality information from you, the eyewitness, in order to respond to a potential crime. 

The training officer will provide information on how to identify a crime and not to assume anything, explain how to document the details of an incident, the importance of keeping your reports accurate to only what you personally witnessed, and the reporting systems that are used to timely pass your report to an officer.  These are the crucial elements that the Fish and Wildlife Officer needs to respond to an eyewitness report. 

The CORT class is usually about 2-hours and held on weekday evenings.  This includes a question and answer session with the officer at the end the training session.

There is no cost involved with participating in this training.  This course is offered free of charge and is a requirement for all new Master Hunter candidates.

Training Session Agenda

  • You will be required to sign in on the training roster and you will be supplied with a “Verification of Training“ form, a “CORT Window Sticker”, CORT memo pad and a CORT Field Book.
  • Please "Read & Complete the Verification of Training form".
  • The class begins with a short introduction about EITW from the EITW CORT Coordinator.
  • The officer will begin the training by introducing them self to you.
  • The officer will discuss the key eliminates of a quality citizen report.

o   Identifying a crime and the different types of wildlife crimes.

o   How to accurately document the vital details an officer needs to investigate a citizen report.

o   The best ways to report the incident.

o   The importance that the suspect(s) are not confronted or tipped off that they are being watched.

  • During the class, two different mock abuse scenarios will challenge your observation skills.
  • The last segment of the class is a "Question & Answer" session with the officer.
  • Upon completion of CORT, you will receive a 'Certificate of Training" suitable for framing.  The field book and window sticker are also yours to keep.