Streamwatch is a program that allows sport clubs the opportunity to take a leadership role in protecting aquatic resources in local areas. Many stream, lake and saltwater resources suffer damage annually from poaching, wild-fish keepers, litter, trespass, closed season and over limit abuses. The Crime Observation and Reporting Training (CORT) program developed by Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) and Eyes In The Woods (EITW) allows concerned citizens the opportunity to contribute by reporting illegal activities. Local WDFW Wildlife Agents will be giving CORT training statewide starting this year!

The best preventative enforcement tool available in any remote streamside, lake, bay or tide-flat location is the knowledge that any person there may be a trained crime observer and member of Puget Sound Anglers, whose sign at the access proclaims their commitment to protecting local resources with WDFW and EITW.


Eyes In The Woods (EITW)

1) Coordinates and promotes a statewide “Streamwatch” program.

A) Coordinates local CORT training with WDFW enforcement.

B) Coordinates sign acquisition, materials and posting guidelines.

2) Establishes a communication process with sport clubs on related volunteer activities.


Sport Clubs/Organizations

1) Will identify a project coordinator for “Streamwatch” and water for “Adoption”. (See Application)

2) Will encourage membership involvement with the “Streamwatch” program:

A) Pursuing funding/sponsorship for signs, sponsor and clubs name on the sign option. (50 signs @ $15.)

B) Club members wishing to participate take the Crime Observation and Reporting Training (CORT) program.

C) Posting signs, using proper methods and materials.

D) Promoting proper angling ethics:

1) Know the WDFW regulations for waters fished; seasons, limits, special regulations, etc.

2) Anti-litter, being a considerate angler, release wild fish, obey trespass laws, etc.

It is expected that with several waters multiple sport clubs would wish to become involved. It is not the intent of the Eyes In the Woods “Streamwatch” program to exclude any group from participation in any basin of concern. Eyes In The Woods membership by involved club members is not mandatory for participation.

It is anticipated that several members of a participant sport club would take the CORT training from a WDFW Wildlife Agent. This training instructs an individual in the non-confrontational method of acquiring violation information to relay to a WDFW officer and encouraging other anglers to use proper angling ethics when fishing or recreating on or near waters.

Many sport groups have brought numerous “problem areas” to the attention of WDFW enforcement officers to learn that their field schedule is already over-full. Taking a major role in the protection of local aquatic resources demonstrates the type of quality resource leadership many dedicated clubs wish to participate in.


Please contact Earl Steele for more informaition:

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