EITW Wildlife Program

 EITW Wildlife Program Director

Jack Smith

Summary Statement:

EITW volunteers have over a decade of assisting Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) Region-6 Wildlife Management with wildlife studies. These include participation in the “Roosevelt Elk Mortality Study”, deer and elk herd composition surveys, range and forage studies, animal captures and translocations. We continue to conduct Game Check Stations in Region-6 study areas; collecting DNA and Chronic Wasting Disease samples, hunter and wildlife data.

We work closely with WDFW personnel to locate areas of needed assistance, develop the trainings required, educate and organize the volunteer resources required for each project. Listed below are the current projects available; Keep checking the EITW Calendar for projects and trainings as they are developed and funded.


We need dedicated volunteers in leadership / project manager positions. For us to expand and develop more volunteer opportunities.


Wildlife Program Projects:        Note: Program pages are under construction currently; only the underlined links are active.

Biological Game Check Stations:

ü Weyco Vail Tree Farm Main Gate

ü Williams Creek GMU Study Area

Region-6 Wildlife Study Projects – (Funded by ALEA Grants)

ü NE Olympic Peninsula Roosevelt Elk Project

ü Anderson Homestead Enhancement Project


GMU Border Posting – (Not funded at this time)

ü GMU Project Status

Program History:

Deer Hair Slip Syndrome

      ü Check Stations

ü Wildlife Studies

ü Activity Reports



EITW “Supporting Member” volunteers’ that assist in project management or general activities like Game Check Stations and GMU Boundary posting projects, become eligible to participate in the special projects requiring a limited amount of highly trained and dedicated volunteers.







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